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A Comprehensive Service

Gordon Young has around 30 years experience and can advise on:

Family Law
Separation is one of the most stressful experiences in life. We endeavour to provide sympathetic and appropriate advice from initial meeting through to finalising a separation agreement and in due course a divorce.

Employment Law Compromise Agreements
Restructuring leading to redundancy severance is increasingly common. Frequently an employee is told to see an independent solicitor to have a settlement (Compromise) Agreement signed immediately. We pride ourselves in providing an early appointment, full and detailed advice and, if appropriate, completion of the agreement at that meeting.

Guardianship under the Adults with Incapacity Act
An older relative is taken into hospital, you are asked “do you have Power of Attorney?” Unfortunately the answer is often “No” and the phrase “Guardianship” is then mentioned. You may wonder where to begin but this is a situation where we can provide assistance both by way of advice as to all the options and thereafter the application to the court.

Debt Recovery and Civil Court appearances
We already pursue debts on behalf of a number of existing clients and appear each week in the regular Ordinary Civil Court and in the Summary Cause/Small Claims Court both in our own cases and for other solicitors. We have extensive experience and a good knowledge of civil court procedure.

The litigation department is headed by Gordon Young. We are able to advise on litigation throughout Scotland.